Chief Business Analyst Officer (CBAO)

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  • Post Date: March 5, 2021
  • Apply Before: May 4, 2024
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Job Overview

1.1. Overview of the job vacancy: About Your Role.

As an expert in corporate and financial analysis of the team, you will be assigned the task of strengthening and restructuring the financial and legal of each operation to successfully carry out the corporate capital programs of each client, in close collaboration with the client and other team members in order to offer you clear, adequate and optimal solutions. Establish collaboration frameworks that reinforce the company’s values and mission in its business, taking responsibility for the local end-to-end strategy for jurisdictions assigned by the languages that depend on its location.

1.2. What will you do?

You will be responsible for:

  • Planning and execution of each financing structure according to the corporate project: establish objectives, define and manage the roadmap (key initiatives) of your position to achieve the objective of the company.
  • Lead ongoing operations and work with team members to succeed in each project.
  • Direct corporate management in the field and digital implementation of all resources at your fingertips in business and risk analysis.

1.3. What can we offer and what are we looking for?

From employee 1 to employee 25000, you’ll be integrated into a global team that shares a number of features. You can work autonomously and take responsibility. We thrive with space and responsibility to solve problems. Flexible digital work that works best without much bureaucracy. Approach work logically. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, but we use data and logic to support decisions and improve understanding. And share our mission to improve corporate relationships to do good business.

In short, we are looking for people with talent globally who access this position without any limit of borders for    real equal employment opportunities, therefore, you are eligible for the vacancy by:

1.3.1 Resident:

You are a native or have a valid residence permit in the country where the team.

1.3.2 Employment transfer from another country: Residence permit.

You are not a native or do not have an official residence in the country where the work. The employment transfer and application for a residence permit will be helped to start a new stage of work.

Each professional team in its location is multidisciplinary, plurinational, multiracial and culturally diverse.

1.4. What training do you need?

The expert category (EP2) requires one of the following academic training:

  • University studies of at least 4 years (Bachelor’s degree, Engineering, Law, Economist, Labor Relations, Mathematics, Programming, Physics, etc. …).
  • University studies of at least 3 years (Diplomas, Technical Engineering, etc. …). …).
  • Bachelor’s degree and equivalent, FPII, Senior Technician, Specialist Technician, …,(Higher degree in Analysis and Financial Management, some postgraduate Alternative Finance or master’s degree in business school and other specialized training courses with your degree or certification diploma,……).

1.5. Skills required.

At least +1 year of experience in a similar position (Head of Treasury,  Head of Internal Audit,    Head of Controlling, Compliance Director, Accounting Director, Financial Manager, Bank Office Director, Chief Risk Officer, Independent Financial Intermediary, Financial Advisor, Capital Markets Analyst, Deputy Chief Financial Officer,  “Financial Advisor”, “Chief    Of Working Capital0”, “Financial Director”, “Refinancing Specialist”, …., etc.).

  1. Ability to absorb and process information

Risk is uncertainty. And uncertainty is the result of not having enough and reliable information. The ability to evaluate specific situations, obtain information, analyze it, and process it.

  1. Ability to communicate

Make yourself understood and send a clear message to superiors, subordinates, customers or suppliers. In addition, connect with other professionals from other organizations, share experiences, learn about new analytics tools, and know what’s happening in the world behind the walls of your own organization.

  1. Financial analysis

Analyze financial instruments or vehicles on a daily basis using economic, human and technological resources in a proportionate manner.

  1. Serenity to measure risks

It uses measurement, evaluation and grading tools, without letting its judgment be influenced by subjective factors or external conditions.

  1. Ability to work under pressure

In the face of a critical situation, it responds with a rational assessment, the product of a quick but successful analysis. Knowing how to handle the situation so that unforeseen and stressful events represent exceptions.

  1. Providing yourself with the right tools

Make a timely decision to have the right tools to perform a quick and effective analysis while classifying and storing the information in such a way that it can be used whenever required. It will be useful to manage technological solutions, methods of analysis, indicators…

  1. Have knowledge about the organization’s business

Flexibility to know and understand the organization’s business, but also it’s business strategy, mission and vision. Identify risks, assess them, classify them and take the necessary actions to treat them.

  1. Diplomacy and ability to convince

The implementation of preventive and corrective actions is an inherent part of the work.

Therefore, the ability to convince and negotiate is necessary. Of course, there will always be the option to impose the measures by force. But this significantly diminishes the chance of success.

  1. A strategy-focused mindset

Understand the potential risks to the organization, both at the level of each area and within the local, regional, national or international context of the organization. Understand the dynamic, ever-changing nature of the markets and the strategic position that your organization occupies within them.

1.6.- Required languages:

(i) First Language: Native.

(ii) Second Language: Eligible levels B1, B2, C1 and C2.

(iii) Obligatory primary language: Arabic.

(iv) Second language valid for this job vacancy, one of the following languages:

        • English
        • Spanish


1.7. Call for selection: Open registration period.

Only the website of the institution collects in a complete and binding way the information about the calls with open registration period and upcoming calls, visit the corporate employment portal at:


1.8. Selection Tests:

1.8.1 Online test exam 20 questions: Reasoning tests.


5-question exam that evaluates your aptitude for logical reasoning and understanding verbal and numerical data.

2. Numeric.

5-question examination that evaluates your aptitude for logical reasoning and understanding numerical data.


6-question exam that evaluates your aptitude for logical reasoning and understanding of the relationships between concepts lacking linguistic, spatial or numerical elements.


4-question exam that evaluates your usual behavior in a work environment.

In short, the reasoning tests are 20 test questions and should be performed within 45 minutes.

1.8.2 Personal interview: Videoconferencing test.

Only eligible candidates (“approved”) of the test exam enter this test.

The interview is short answer questions, estimated time 30 minutes.


1.9. Upcoming open calls for job openings:

The deadline is open, APPLY NOW.

            • Year 2023, call for evidence on June 16 and November 16.
            • Year 2024, call for tests on May 17th.
            • Year 2025, call for tests on July 25th.

All candidates enrolled for the selection tests of any relevant facts in relation to their call will be informed by email.


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Job Detail
  • Offered Salary10.000 Dhs - 11.000 Dhs
  • Career LevelUniversity Degree (AD1 and EP2)
  • Experience+1 years
  • GenderMale or Female
  • PlataformMyneofintech
  • LanguagesArabic & English or Spanish
  • CountryDubai, United Arab Emirates
  • Health insurancePublic State
  • Contract TypeEP2
  • DurationPermanent
  • Vacancies2
  • AdmittedRemote Telework
  • Reward for objectivesMax. 30% monthly salary
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