Chief Operating Officer (CCO)

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  • Post Date: March 4, 2021
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Job Overview

1.1. Overview of the job vacancy: About Your Role.

As the team’s Chief Operating Officer, his duties are very broad to lead and coordinate his team at his location to make the most of a company’s human capital. He is responsible for defining the tasks, processes and tasks of each team member. You must execute your local strategy by assuming end-to-end responsibilities for language-assigned jurisdictions that depend on your location. It is the CEO’s wildcard at its location when the CEO cannot accommodate a commitment, due to the extensive control of all stages of the company’s product, it can be considered the right hand of the CEO, and over time, one of the candidates to be his successor.

1.2. What will you do?

You will be responsible for:

Business planning and execution: set goals, define and manage each department’s roadmap (key initiatives), plan budgets, determine necessary resources, competency intelligence, etc.

Growth and marketing: implementation of the allocated budget, monitoring execution across all business channels, establishing local collaborations and managing local public relations.

Operations: Monitor ongoing issues and work with the Growth Operations team to resolve them.

Field team management: hiring and developing the local team

Management of your location, establishment and maintenance of a strong governance structure, processes and responsibility to maintain a business that complies with regulations.

Develop a consensus work plan with the Global Steering Committee with a roadmap showing the deadlines and tasks required by creating well-coordinated efficient communication channels to achieve the objectives.

Global visualization of the project or work to be carried out, have clear short, medium and long objectives, know the team individually and efficiently manage the human capital of a company in its location.

Mark common and specific or individual goals that team members will have to meet as a team, ultimately leading the team by enhancing the skills of each group member while managing tasks, motivating and inspiring the team to generate the expected results.

1.3. What can we offer and what are we looking for?

From employee 1 to employee 25000, you’ll be integrated into a global team that shares a number of features. You can work autonomously and take responsibility. We thrive with space and responsibility to solve problems. Flexible digital work that works best without much bureaucracy. Approach work logically. We’re not afraid to make mistakes, but we use data and logic to support decisions and improve understanding. And it shares our mission to improve the relationship with our corporate clients to do good business together.

In short, we are looking for people with talent globally who access this position without any limit of borders for real equal employment opportunities,therefore, you are eligible for the vacancy by:

1.3.1 Resident:

You are a native or have a valid residence permit in the country where the work team is.

1.3.2 Employment transfer from another country: Residence permit.

You are not a native or have no official residence in the country where the work team is. The job transfers and application for a residence permit will be helped to start a new stage of work.

Each professional team in its location is multidisciplinary, pluractional, multiracial and culturally diverse.

1.4. What training do you need?

The Director category (AD1) requires the following academic training:

  • University studies of at least 4 years (Bachelor, Engineering, Architecture, Law, Mathematics, Programming, Physics …)
  • University studies of at least 3 years (Diplomas, Technical Engineering …).

1.5. Skills required.

At least +2 years of experience in a general manager or similar position (Office Administrator, Office Director, Administration Officer, Office Coordinator, Quality Manager, Systems Audit Manager, Management Manager, Quality Manager, Account Manager, Cross Project Manager, Consulting Director, Managed Services Manager, Area Manager, Finance Manager, Application Manager, Business Development Manager, Regional Director …., etc.).

Previous experience in the business world, relationship with activities around retail/investment banking, corporate finance, mergers and acquisitions or financial technology.

Communication, negotiation and proactivity skills.

Manage requirements in a professional, educated and protocol way.

Leadership and guidance capacity.

Act professionally and ethically and be a collaborator to induce trust and respect.

Inspire other employees to meet and exceed their goals.

Be resourceful, energetic and have initiative.

Empathetic and understanding, focus on people, putting the interests of customers and/or colleagues first.

Assign tasks and resources efficiently and anticipate needs and unforeseen events that may arise and are in your power to ensure that the team accomplishes its task.

Analytical and decision-making ability, ability to resolve conflicts.

Resolve conflicts efficiently and quickly. Be able to collect, monitor and analyze all kinds of quantitative and qualitative data to create information reports and present strategic plans with the aim of solving problems.

Organized and able to manage your time effectively. Be able to monitor and coordinate multiple departments at the same time and work under pressure in a dynamic and active environment.

Administrative and digital capabilities. Be able to process texts, use spreadsheets, manage databases and knowledge of digital technologies.

Responsible, reliable and proactive.

1.6.- Required languages:

(i) First Language: Native.

(ii) Second Language: Eligible levels B2, C1 and C2.

(iii) Obligatory primary language: English.

(iv) Second language valid for this job vacancy, one of the following languages:

        • Spanish


1.7. Call for Selection: Open registration period.

Only the website of the institution collects in a complete and binding way the information about the calls with open registration period and upcoming calls, visit the corporate employment portal at:


1.8. Selection Tests:

1.8.1 Online test exam 20 questions: Reasoning tests.


5-question exam that evaluates your aptitude for logical reasoning and understanding verbal and numerical data.

  1. Numérico.

5-question examination that evaluates your aptitude for logical reasoning and understanding numerical data.


6-question exam that evaluates your aptitude for logical reasoning and understanding of the relationships between concepts lacking linguistic, spatial or numerical elements.


4-question exam that evaluates your usual behavior in a work environment.

In short, the reasoning tests are 20 test questions and should be performed within 45 minutes.

1.8.2 Personal interview: Videoconferencing test.

Only eligible candidates (“approved”) of the test exam enter this test.

The interview is short answer questions, estimated time 30 minutes.

1.9. Upcoming open calls for job openings:

The deadline is open, APPLY NOW.

          • Year 2023, call for evidence on June 16th and November 16th.
          • Year 2024, call for tests on May 17th.
          • Year 2025, call for tests on July 25th.

All candidates enrolled for the selection tests of any relevant facts in relation to their call will be informed by email.

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Job Detail
  • Offered Salary3.290,00 CAD - 3.650,00 CAD
  • Career LevelUniversity Degree (AD1)
  • Experience+2 years
  • GenderMale or Female
  • PlataformMyneofintech
  • LanguagesEnglish and Spanish
  • CountryVancouver, Canada
  • Health insurancePublic State
  • Contract TypeAD1
  • DurationPermanent
  • Vacancies1
  • AdmittedRemote Telework
  • Reward for objectivesMax. 30% monthly salary
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