Selection of candidate

Firstly, our Human Resources department has a Corporate Agenda established for this competitive selection process. So that all the candidates can present themselves in equal opportunities, made up with our own corporate subject matter and aimed expressly at preparing the exams and tests.

It has been written in a way that is easy to understand and study. It has many charts that help to further understand the subject. To download the Topic, you must have a registered candidate profile, download the Topic 1 directly and if you confirm your submission to the selection process, all the topics on the Topic will be sent to you by email immediately.


Secondly, all the tests can be prepared individually, both the psycho-technical tests and the specific tests, and even the interview, by means of useful advice and guidance available in the agenda. In this way, the candidate has the peace of mind that he or she will always have the preparation for all the tests covered.

Thirdly, the candidate has a Tutorial Service that solves any doubt that may arise with the agenda on the Internet, where you can access an exclusive ONLINE CAMPUS CHAT to resolve your questions or doubts.

In short:

    1. You can receive the Full Agenda at the indicated email address.
    2. You can do the course from any location..
    3. You can make a personalized and individual follow-up of your processes.
    4. It has permanent support from the Tutoring Service.
    5. It has flexibility of schedules for test preparation.
    6. The characteristics of the preparation of the tests allow the study to be combined with other activities. 



We have candidates from all over the world. From your profile registered on the Econbaka Careers website allows you to prepare the tests without the need to travel and without any loss of quality or results. For your convenience, the study material is delivered in pdf format, and all the follow-up, explanations and control is done through the internet.

And although it is not necessary, if you wish you can ask the Human Resources Department to contact training academies or business schools to receive additional training through conferences, a service that should be hired and negotiated with the teacher in question. 


    1. Download the material, with indications from the Tutorial Service about the Campus Chat Online, recommended study method, how to do the exercises and follow-up details.
    2. Preparation of a study plan adapted to the time you have and your pace of study. How the latter (speed) is known once the preparation has begun. The study plan is made approximately one week after the delivery of the material and is individual. This plan involves setting dates for exams, depending on the time and the amount of material you study daily or weekly. The plan can be modified as you study and allows you to advance at your own pace and optimize your results.
    3. Tutorials: answer to the questions you ask by email, in the Campus Chat Online. As you study, you can contact the Tutoring Service at any time for anything you need, for example, to ask questions about the syllabus, the psychologists or to explain the subject. This service is available to candidates.
    4. Exams: in addition to the self-evaluation exams that you receive along with the syllabus, the Tutoring Service automatically sends out surprise exams on the syllabus by e-mail.

The tests are performed as follows:

a) By e-mail.

- On the day indicated for the exam, the Tutoring Service sends you the exam in word format by e-mail and returns it by e-mail.
- The Tutoring Service returns it to you with a file for self-correction with the appropriate instructions.

This is IMPORTANT. Note that the Campus Chat Online does not mean automation, but rather the Tutoring Service within the Human Resources Department helps you. In this way, the best of new technologies is used, guaranteeing a direct and constant interrelationship.


1.- Test questions.

A total of about 2000 multiple choice questions are given on the agenda. Some of them are in the folder of self-corrected exercises and the rest are in the form of surprise exams by the Tutoring Service. In addition, the student can access updates through new downloads in the Campus Chat Online or in his or her user profile.  

2.- Language exams.

Test exams in the second language that the student prefers (English or Spanish), as well as technical vocabulary and reading documents in the second language.

Although the placement test does not expressly include a language level test, this material can help maintain the necessary language level.


3.- Psycho-technical exams.

Thousands of psycho-technical test questions, including questions that can be included in exams or tests.

The candidate has the Tutorial Service that provides the student with instructions, tricks and advice for their realization. All this allows the candidate to do this type of preparation taking care of the details that are fundamental to approve the selection process.

4.- Preparation of the personal interview.

Documentation that collects advice and guidance to successfully face the last phase of the selection process. It explains the objectives of the interview, and in detail, how to proceed before, during and after the interview.

A list of possible questions is included, many of which can be asked in the tests. This list is very important, as it allows you to prepare the answers to the interview questions.


5.- Campus Chat Online exclusive in the user profile.

This is an exclusive area for students who access it with a username and password.

The main sections of this Campus Chat Online are:

  1. General library: reading documents, some in several languages
  2. Newspaper library: the digital magazines of related press and access links.
  3. Documents of interest: new exams, small updates, any relevant document.
  4. Calls for new vacancies, as they are published.
  5. Private bulletin board with important news and announcements.
  6. Contact with the Human Resources Department (Tutoring Unit) from the same page.

6.- Duration of the candidate's registration profile.

Standard Duration: Limited.

It is usual for candidates to pass the selection tests at the first attempt and if, due to competitive competition, they cannot enter because they have an insufficient cut-off mark, we keep their record in a limited way so that they can continue their preparation and apply for the next vacancy announcement published that their profile allows.

However, thinking about those people who have little time or who want to advance slowly, we have established the standard duration of our services in two years, extendable if necessary, by requesting it to the email of Technical Support.


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