Residence Permit

Application for a residence permit for work.

1.- How to apply for a residence permit?

Although in some occasions a visa is not necessary to be able to stay in a country, in some cases it will be required to have a National Identity Number (NIE) and a Residence Card. It is because of the above that emphasis is placed on this process of how to apply for a residence permit.

It is worth mentioning that both are documents with which legal resident status is achieved in the jurisdiction where your job is located, which is why several types of procedures will be simpler.


2.- Steps to obtain the residence permit.

Regarding the Residence Card, it is a card that includes the Foreigner's Identity Number, photograph, personal data and fingerprint. This document is required for public and private procedures according to the current legislation in each jurisdiction.

In addition to the above, this card will be valid for between one and five years, so that after that time it will be necessary to renew it.

Likewise, depending on their country of origin, citizens will need to meet specific conditions to obtain a residence card.

For those who already have a work contract in the country, the procedure to obtain the residence card is easier, although, as with any process, it must be approved by the competent agency in each jurisdiction.


3.- How to apply for residency?

At Ecobanka Careers we go to the nearest Foreigners Office in each jurisdiction where a new employee joins a job vacancy.  

Regarding the documents required for the application, there is a "basic" list that must be fulfilled. However, it may vary from one location to another, so it is best to check the information for each particular case.

The required documents for all applicants are:

    1. A valid passport.
    2. Recent passport-type photographs with the name on the back.
    3. Application form correctly filled out. The original signed and if copies are required.
    4. Employment contract.
    5. Certificate from the hiring company.

In some cases, it will be requested depending on the original jurisdiction

    1. A medical certificate depending on the country of origin, as well as if the residence is recent.
    2. A certificate of criminal record.
    3. Other documents.

There are special circumstances for which it will be necessary to inquire, but this procedure is carried out free of charge by our HR department.


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